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Sherrill Merchants Association

The Sherrill Merchants Association was formed by a small group of merchants a few years ago as a means for member businesses to work together to become a viable and integral part of the city. Today, in 2014, the association boasts a membership of over 30 individuals and businesses working together to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for our visitors. Membership is open to all Sherrill, NY businesses and individuals that are interested in promoting local goods and services.

Mission Statement

We, the Sherrill Merchants Association, are committed to conducting our business by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standard. By working together, we promote quality products and services that will serve the local patrons within our community and elsewhere. We strive to be a positive force in the community by supporting local charities and events that improve, enhance, and beautify the standard of living in the City of Sherrill.

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Sherrill Community Picnic

Sherrill Community Picnic
Sun. Aug. 14th 1-4PM @ Robertson Park
All are welcome